20 March 2014

Not all is Quiet on the Coffinpsalms Front

I haven't been very active on here, but as promised this blog is most definitely still "active." Having recently put together my 2013 best-of list, I've been thinking more about different approaches to organizing and interpreting the releases throughout the year. I mean, January releases are easily lost in the shuffle by the time December comes around, and releases later in the year can sometimes make top-10's by way of new and current buzz, only to never go back into rotation. So I've decided to do (probably) a quarterly top-5.

The way this will basically (probably) work is that at the end of each 3 months, I'll publish a top 5. This will not only keep a sort of journal of what I've been excited about throughout the year evenly, but it can simply be rearranged at the end of the year to become a top 20... if that's even necessary. Another thing is, I'm going to try to keep each of the top 5 lists populated ONLY with releases from that quarter, so if I discover something that came out in Q1 in August (Q3), it does not entry. It's not a revolutionary Idea, but at least that's a minimum of 3 more posts this year commitment (something I can probably handle). So without further fucking around, here's my top 5 releases from quarter 1 of 2014:

1. Teitanblood - Death
2. Nuclearhammer - Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer
3. Heresiarch - Wælwulf
4. FŌR - Blakaz Askǭ Hertô
5. Lie in Ruins - Towards Divine Death

24 February 2014


I want to talk about something that bothers the shit out of me. Something that is like a cancer in metal as a greater, umbrella genre: “Funny” bands.

This band is great, I love that they don’t take themselves too seriously

Thesis: Bands and that refuse to take the genre seriously are mocking themselves, whether intentionally or not. Why? My assumption is that, (among other reasons) for people who are only casual listeners, it’s still “nerdy” to be TOO into metal. Taking your metal with a side of comedy detaches you from identifying yourself with the genre in any meaningful way, and allows you to enjoy the music in a much safer manner, whether it’s safety from the subject matter, or from being identified in some way that you are not comfortable with.

I’m not sure exactly when I started noticing this, but it seems to have become more common. Maybe I just notice it more lately. Whenever someone asks me if I’m into metal, I always give a reserved response. I don’t want anyone to think it’s okay to try to bond with me over bullshit like Nekrogoblicon (even if they weren’t a total joke lyrically, they would still be a total joke musically).

Do you like metal? Me too. Isn’t black metal hilarious?

Reverse Hipsterism: With this safer, accessible, farce metal comes other negative attributions I’ve noticed recently. Firstly, crying elitist. This is similar to crying hipster, only it’s coming from the other side: the casual listeners. Calling someone an elitist negates their ideas, opinions, and taste immediately and without any critical, rational thought. You like Revenge but you don’t like 3 Inches of Blood? Elitist. And just like that, there is no need to defend your opinions at all. It’s an easy way to make yourself feel better about being ignorant and as such, it’s become something of a catchphrase among fans that don’t take their metal without sweetener.

I’m sure there are different reasons for this type of attitude and behavior, but I can’t help but wonder if this has something to do with the “poser” phenomenon. I imagine it can be easy to feel like an impostor among long-time fans of more extreme sub-genres if your CD collection mostly contains albums and bands that don’t take themselves too seriously. So using terms like “true” and “kvlt” as pejoratives allow you to feel like YOU are the one who really gets it. After all, those fellows in Black Dahlia Murder seem to be so much more about having a good time than being evil or scary. And I ask: why is that necessarily a good thing?

Why it’s damaging: I think this hostility toward those who “take themselves too seriously” is ridiculously self-loathing. It promotes the notion that metal is too silly to be taken seriously, and therefor is not something that should be respected, but rather laughed at as a novelty. I’ll definitely overlook something like Steel Panther, that’s clearly nothing more than comedy. It’s bands that take the self-parody appeal, but still wish to be regarded as a respectable, legitimate act. It comes across as non-committal. Most importantly, as these bands are often less offensive to the ears, eyes, and mind, they have a larger crossover appeal. This means that the ambassadors of the genre are those who “don’t take it too seriously.” People who do not listen to metal actively, and only hear it peripherally are hearing bands that mock the genre itself. Why would anyone outside metal ever have respect or view metal as a legitimate genre when this is the image and attitude projected to them?

Mostly though, I’m just annoyed. Let’s face it, there are characteristics of metal that are easily mocked. We poke fun at our own genre often. The difference is whether or not it feels mocking or not. Whether or not you like it (I understand both sides of this arguement), Metalocalypse never felt like it was created by an outsider that was mocking metal. It feels genuine in that it has a laugh and pokes fun, but never with bullshit akin to making-fun-of-corpsepaint circle jerks. It takes the genre seriously enough, and spends its comedy making fun of mega-celeb status, and the detachment from society that comes with it (along with plenty of violence). That’s part of the joke though, as even the most successful death metal bands are far, far away from any real celebrity or financial excess. I’m not suggesting any change here, mostly ranting about something that’s been annoying me lately. And making me kind of curmudgeonly. Let’s face it though, the best music in the genre is reactionary or hostile to falses. So go ahead and keep buying your shitty Necrogoblicomedy albums, kids, because it’s only fuel to the fire.

04 February 2014

13th Moon

I wanna take a moment to talk a bit about a band I've recently come across. 13th Moon! Unholy, blackened blackest death metal!

Let's be clear, this band inherits its sound directly from Demoncy's Joined in Darkness. As far as I'm concerned though, this is some top notch stuff... from what I've heard. 13th Moon only has 2 releases, both demos. Don't even bother looking for tape rips online, they don't exist. The first demo, The Pale Spectre over the Worm, was limited to 100 copies, 20 of which included a piece of human bone, myrrh, wormwood, yew bark, jasmine and patchouli incense "for necromantic ritual", and soil from a graveyard. Email verification was required to even qualify for one of those special editions (presumably to prevent any falses from gaining possession). Luckily, I scored the last copy of this tape last week from Caligari Records. I very much doubt it was one of the exclusive 20, which sucks cause I definitely need to own a piece of human bone.

Apparently the second demo, for all intents and purposes, doesn't exist. It contains only ambient instrumentals though, so I'm not too shook up about not having access to it. The real news here is that 13th Moon are finally releasing a full length this year, called Abhorrence of Light, and the material available to hear is fantastic! If you're into stuff like Void Meditation Cult, Temple Nightside, Perdition Oracle, etc., definitely check this out and keep an eye out over at Exitium for the new album, due this spring.

A Rite as Sinister as Old (from Abhorrence of Light)

Abhorrence of Light preview

p.s. There's a horrible goth band that shares their name, so finding info on this band is kind of a pain in the ass.

03 February 2014

Star-date January, 2014

Alright then, let's just jump right into it, eh?

There are already a few releases that have come out this year that I'm really digging. Probably the first one I'd heard is Blakaz Askǭ Hertô by FŌR. The band's name - aside from being impossible to Google effectively - is "Fire" in pre-Germanic language or something, and boy do these guys love black magick (with a 'k'). I do appreciate that they seem to be approaching a trending topic with a unique perspective, at least stylistically. I can't find any lyrics to support my theory.

What does it sound like? Well, after 3 minutes of ambient "mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhh", The Ravenous Chasm kicks in with symbol crashes and tom rolls, and swarming tremolo picking dissonance. You can tell right away that this ain't your standard black or death metal album. I'm fighting the urge to compare it to Portal's Swarth, but there are stylistic similarities. This is going to sit nicely with those of you who enjoyed Irkallian Oracle. It tends to wallow in pounding, mid-paced drums behind a wall of slithering tremolo picked guitars, and howling, echoey arhythmic vocals. Sporadically placed sections of violent blast beats are dotted throughout the EP's 30 minutes and, strangely, act as a reprieve from the bludgeoning tempos more common throughout the album.

You can listen to the whole thing on Iron Bonehead's bandcamp page and buy the digital files or the 12" if you are so inclined. It's only €12 ($16.19 USD), so that's a steal. Definitely check this one out.

Blakaz Askǭ Hertô

30 January 2014

All of the Beagles Temple.

Well nostalgia got the best of me tonight so I’ve hauled Coffinpsalms’ bones out of the ground. I’d deleted this blog a while back and downloaded the xml file so that I had some kind of record of the embarrassing shit i’ve written in the past. Problem is that I couldn’t figure out how to actually view the file, and happened to see that I still had a day or two to “un-delete” the blog. I read through most of the 2010 stuff and wasn’t really impressed, but the recall was nice.

I’m currently taking a class that requires weekly blog entries (thankfully not related to music), and it’s got my blood flowing again, so I’ve been wondering if you can re-raise a corpse. I’m currently writing a blog about information security.

I’ve always relied on download links in the past. They afford me to be drunk (which I most certainly am) and not have to say much. Just a few sentences and a mediafire link. Now, that’s not really an option. The glory days of the download blogs have passed. There are still some out there, but I’ll be first in line to say that they are are bottom feeding leeches. Download links that lead to ad revenue sites and shady russian scariness. Fuck that.

I guess I could write reviews. I’ve never really been great at being consistent at that though. I’ve got a couple decent ones over the course of 4 years. I could just filter my bullshit twitter and facebook ramblings into yet another internet platform.

There are a ton of websites that already do anything I could, but better. I could just whore my own bands. I could tell you that I’m making pulled pork right now. Or that I just got back from the store, buying 2 24oz beers. I could ruminate on music I’m listening to. I just today revisited Demoncy’s “Joined in Darkness” and realized that it’s responsible for Void Meditation Cult, Temple Nightside, Helvetron, Perdition Oracle, and 13th Moon…

Every niche is filled. And that’s a good thing. Still, I think anyone producing anything to combat bullshit like metalsucks is a good thing. Even if I’m just going on and on about how it sucks to ride the bus and Sonne Adam needs a new full length. So maybe this is the right time to turn Coffinpsalms into something new, whatever it may become.

Then Again, I am kind of drunk.

01 May 2013

I'm certain you've all noticed a long silence on the Coffinpsalms front. DCMA complaints have been pouring in for albums I'd never expect and it's becoming really difficult to find quality links to quality music (it's my policy to not upload and share, but to link to others' uploads) without resorting to shady russian sites that make you view adds. I feel like I just revived the ol' blog not that long ago and instead of rising like a phoenix from the ashes, I kind of dragged it back out of the garbage and put it back in the apartment. Nevertheless, I don't feel like I want to abandon you all again... yet. I'm not sure what I'll do with this place now that we're entering the dark ages of soulseek and torrents again.

I don't really feel like I can provide enough content to just write about music. I'm not a journalist, and there are a couple blogs out there that are already doing a much better job at reviewing music that I am interested in. Can't play ball just because you sell sneakers, as they say. They say that, right? I've been busy as shit making a new Symptom album as well as collaborating with Anastasis of Nuclear Winter about putting out LPs for the first 2 albums, doing various art projects, and just got done recording a new Shroud of the Heretic record with our new lineup. 4 or 5 Shroud shows are lined up and I'm trying to actually do well in school for a change. Also, I've been experimenting with twitter and google plus. And drinking beers. And snuggling my cat. And buying too many records.

So to sum up, I'm kind of in blog limbo. There's still a massive amount of traffic here, and I feel like a soup kitchen chef who ran out of ingredients/had them taken away. (Seriously? DCMA complaint for Archgoat?) What do you guys think? What the fucking fuck should I do with this blog now? Maybe grab a couple of other "writers" and just talk about metal in general? Reviews? Maybe I'll just do what JGD said he would and post pet pictures, only the cat version. I've never in 3 or so years asked for comments, but PLEASE, comment, let me know what you think. What the fuck would you like to see happen here, barring mediafire links.

Archgoat - The Light Devouring Darkness

link removed due to DCMA complaint

20 March 2013

Symptom News

In light of a recent DCMA complaint here at coffinpsalms, I'm going to shift the focus to good ol' capitalism. I just received copies of the new Symptom CD, 'Opulent Atrocity'. They are for sale and streaming in full at the bandcamp page and I have opened up an official bigcartel page as well. $9 + $5 worldwide shipping. I'll send a download with each purchase, if you request. Support!

11 March 2013

I was formally told by my girlfriend that I need to update my blog, so here's an album I've been listening to a lot lately. I really loved their demo and their (extremely short) follow up 7" was good as well, and you'll be happy to know that Krypts do not disappoint with their debut full length. This is straight up OG Finnish death metal that will bring to mind bands like Convulse and Demigod. Oh yes, the foul stench of the crypt is pungent here. Now I'm off to make pizza.